Sometimes having a choice isn’t a good thing

I'll exercise three times a week every week. When exactly do I exercise this week? Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Although this Wednesday is a little bit tight on schedule, I'll do a workout on a day off. Well if I skip just one nothing really bad is going to happen, isn't it?

Or look at this.

I'll exercise every day. When exactly? Today. And then? Tomorrow.

Here's the other example. Why would I get up early on the weekends? I need rest. Nothing bad is going to happen if I sleep longer. But the next thing you know is it's Sunday 12 pm and you don't really want to sleep, because you overslept today and haven't had a workout and was watching YouTube/Netflix/Social Media all day.

I believe, that constantly making the right choices and especially if they are hard choices, isn't really that good of a thing. Do more of the stuff where you make choice one single time and then commit to it every day. You wouldn't have to bargain with yourself on what day is going to be a day-off, how many times of the week getting up early is considered a success, and what's not. The brain is extremely inventive when it comes to finding excuses, so don't give it a chance. When it's automatic when there are no options, there is nothing to bargain, there is only execute, and there is only now.